mercoledì 5 febbraio 2014

For this fuck events
today, for the second time the fuck police stop me and whit this shitty excuse, that these sons of a bitch justify their work as tutors of disorder. how I dress? They have also said that stop me because I'm strange dress. What is wrong with me?? one patch of Kont(A)tto on the jacket!!! or because I wear a black hood!!!..... I don't know!!
it will be because you're all shits???
you, with your bullshit for the control and safety of this cock.
you with your weapons of distructions to mass.
you with your drugs and your oil you are destroying humanity and Mother Earth.

you are problems. you are fuck men.
the normal people haven't problems!!!
you are their problems!!
fuck police!!
fuck obama bin laden!!
fuck all authority!!

a reflection full of hate and rage!!
complicity and solidarity, always and everywhere!! Ⓐ